The Beata Kielar-Tammert International Law Firm attaches particular importance to respecting the privacy of users visiting the Firm’s website We want each user to know exactly what data we collect and how they can protect their privacy. This Privacy Policy complies with the provisions resulting from art. 13 sec. 1 and sec. 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, abbreviated as GDPR.


  1. This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the processing of personal data obtained through the Website, operating at the address: (hereinafter referred to as: „Website“).
  2. The owner of the Website is the International Law Office Beata Kielar-Tammert, Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17, 50-069 Wrocław, NIP: 6311514856, REGON: 240339563, e-mail:, tel: +48 602 38 60 01 (hereinafter referred to as the „Law Office“).
  1. The website allows visitors (hereinafter: „Users“) to contact the Law Firm via the contact form (hereinafter: „Form“).
  2. The administrator of personal data provided by Users via the Form is the Law Firm.
  3. Users‘ personal data are processed by the Law Firm in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / WE (hereinafter referred to as: „GDPR“) – in accordance with the GDPR.
  4. The law firm applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data being processed.
  5. Users provide their personal data and agree to their processing voluntarily. Providing personal data is not a statutory or contractual requirement, but it is a prerequisite for the effective sending of the Form to the Law Firm.
  6. Consent to the processing of personal data provided by the User may be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  7. In the case of a person who is under 16 years of age, consent to the processing of personal data must be submitted by the person exercising parental authority or custody over them.
  8. Users‘ personal data will not be made available to any data recipients within the meaning of art. 4 point 9 GDPR.
  9. The data subject has the following rights:
    1. the right to access her data, in accordance with art. 15 GDPR;
    2. the right to rectify her data, in accordance with art. 16 GDPR;
    3. the right to delete her data („the right to be forgotten“), in accordance with art. 17 GDPR;
    4. the right to limit her data, in accordance with art. 18 GDPR;
    5. the right to transfer her data, in accordance with art. 20 GDPR
  10. In order to use the above rights, please contact the Administrator at the physical address or e-mail address indicated in the Introductory Provisions of the Privacy Policy. The User may also send an appropriate request to the Administrator via the Form.
  11. The Customer’s personal data will be made available to other data recipients, such as, for example, websites providing IT system maintenance and hosting services, e-mail service provider, mailing service provider (newsletter) or payment system provider, law firm, subcontractors and contractors involved in the work of the online store, e.t.c.
  12. The user also has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body – the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, if he believes that the processing of his personal data violates the GDPR.


  1. Contacting the Law Firm via the Form requires the User to indicate the following personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number.
  2. In the detailed part of the Form, the User formulates a message / question to the Law Firm as precisely and concisely as possible, ensuring the anonymization of the data provided.
  3. Completing the Form is intended to provide the Law Firm with basic information about the case in order to obtain legal advice.
  4. Completing and submitting the Form is voluntary and non-binding, in particular the mere fact of completing and submitting the Form does not give rise to any obligations on the part of the User or the Law Firm.
  5. The Law Firm processes personal data provided by Users only for the purpose of contacting the User in the described case, after obtaining the User’s prior consent.
  6. Users‘ personal data are processed on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 lit. a GDPR, i.e. in connection with the User’s consent to such processing.
  7. Users‘ personal data will be processed until the purpose of their processing ceases to exist or until the User withdraws their consent.
  1. Subscription to our newsletter requires the User to provide an e-mail address.
  2. The data obtained by the Website as part of subscribing to the newsletter will be used to send the newsletter to the given user. The website reserves the right to send unannounced messages to users registered in the newsletter database. This may be, in particular, information about new articles on the blog, as well as other information related to the activities of the Law Firm.
  3. Providing data is voluntary.
  4. Users‘ personal data are processed on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 lit. a GDPR, i.e. in connection with the User’s consent to such processing.
  5. At any time, the User may unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the link in the e-mails sent or on the  profile page .
  1. The Website uses the mechanism of cookies / cookies (hereinafter referred to as: „Cookies“).
  2. Cookies are text files that are stored in the electronic end device (hereinafter referred to as: „Device“) of the Website User.
  3. Cookies contain, in particular, the IP address assigned to the User’s computer or the external IP address of the Internet provider, domain name, browser type, access time, operating system type.
  4. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User’s Device. These files allow to adjust the Website individually to the User’s requirements. In particular, this way is not possible to get viruses or other improper software to Users‘ Devices.
  5. The administrator uses the following types of cookies:
    1. Internal cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the Website’s ICT system;
    2. External cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by ICT systems of the websites of the Administrator’s partners, service providers or recipients (hereinafter referred to as: „External websites“);
    3. Session cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the Website or External Websites during one session of a given Device. After the session ends, the files are deleted from the User’s Device;
    4. Persistent cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the Website or external websites until they are manually deleted. The files are not deleted automatically after the end of the Device session, unless the configuration of the User’s Device is set to the mode of deleting cookies after the end of the Device session.
  6. The Administrator cooperates with the following external websites that may place Cookies on the User’s Devices:
    1. Google Analytics ( Privacy Policy ),
    2. Facebook ( Privacy Policy ),
    3. Google Tag Manager ( Privacy Policy ).
  7. The Administrator is not responsible for the security of Cookies from external websites.
  8. The administrator has the right to use cookies for the following purposes:
    1. Streamlining and facilitating access to the Website – the Administrator may store information about the User’s preferences and settings regarding the Website in Cookies in order to streamline, improve and accelerate the provision of services within the Website;
    2. Statistical data – The Administrator and external websites use cookies to collect and process statistical data regarding the Website, such as visit statistics, User Device statistics or User behavior statistics. This data is collected in order to analyze and improve the Website.
  9. The User has the option of limiting or disabling access to Cookies on their Device. Changes to the settings referred to above can be made by the User using the web browser settings. You can read more about cookies here:
  10. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Website.
  11. The user may delete cookies at any time using the functions available in the web browser he uses.
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time.
  3. Changes may result from the need to adapt the Privacy Policy to applicable law or for other important reasons.
  4. The changes come into force upon their publication on the Website.
  5. The website will contain a link to previous versions of the Privacy Policy along with the date of its change.
    1. Privacy policy valid until January 24, 2022: Polityka-prywatnosci International Law



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